Our 2010 Vegas Bash!
Feb 28th to March 3rd

Well here we are the first evening after a lovely?? dinner at the Ports-o-call buffet. It is really hard to get everyones attention when they are busy shooting the bull, so I put both pictures in, so you could figure out who was there.

It seems the main thing the class of 1955 likes to do (at least in public) is eat, so try as we might, you will see a lot of eating. On the left, Jim and Jane Peet just finished dinner and they liked it. On the right Vern Ross, Joyce Haskett and Don Garner are thinking of making a third trip thru the buffet line.

Monday eve we all went to the beautiful Main St Station where we, what else, ate dinner. After dinner we looked at the many beautiful antiques all over the building. There was a lot of stained glass, ornate brass, crystal and quartered oak. Lucky Bafoni brought his soon to be bride, Caren.

Even the ceilings were covered with stained glass, antique lights and oak. There is no doubt that if you love antiques, this will be your favorite place to stay in Las Vegas! Why they even had several restored pullman cars from the turn of the century.

Why they even had the biggest piece of the Berlin Wall known to exist. They were using it as a splash wall behind the urinals in the mens room. The girls were invited in to see this true wonder, which was a real novelty for some of them. We asked Gloria if she would like to try it out and she said, Yup! Pictured on the top right is Gloria and her first attempt. When asked how it went she said, Great, got my shoes a little damp but did not hurt the Berlin wall a bit! Shown below is some of our group totally taken aback by the wonders of the place. All but Billy Beiweiner and Fred Roth, who did not know what the heck was happening, and Don Garner who was still in shock over his experience at the Berlin Wall!!!!.

After dinner at the Main St Station we headed for historic Fremont Ave and their hourly overhead light spectacular. Most of us loved it but several, well one in particular, was transfixed by the Golden Goose Gentlemens Club. That was, until I explained to John that he was no gentleman! He finally stopped pacing and looked up to see the last of the light show!!

The four pictures above and the six below show some of the many activities class members attended during the week. Some went to the movies and saw the Sandra Bullock movie, The Blind Side. We went to many malls and toured some of the new casinos, like the Wynn Encore and Aria. Many of us visited the new upscale City Center with its outlandish architecture. The steps pictured below are not carpeted. That is terrazzo tile!!! Some just enjoyed the day visiting with old friends and making some new ones. Deanna and I even stayed an extra day and visited the Hoover Dam. Needless to say, we were all pretty pooped by the end of our stay.

Our last dinner together was held at the Cortez Room right at our hotel. That evening March 2nd was Glorias birthday. We surprised her with a teeny cake and all sang Happy Birthday to a great gal. THEN we went up to our Hospitality Room and gave Gloria a really big cake and sang Happy Birthday to her again. (Many forgot we just did that.) Then while Gloria held the cake, Denny ate it! We watched a lot of slide shows that Denny shared throughout the days we were there. About 10 PM we called it a day.

But HEY, never miss a chance to eat!! The next morning we all met one last time at TGIFridays for breakfast. We loved to eat there because we had two great waitresses who called themselves the menopause twins. One of the two is shown above, and I will add the other one when I find out who took them. She did leave a lasting impression on Lucky, however, when she dumped a glass of water all over him. That will teach Lucky to pinch a waitress when she has an armful of drinks. In the lower left hand picture, Billy is praying to forgive Lucky for his transgressions.
What a three day blast we had! I think we will all agree that this class is one of the best things that has happened to any of us. Long live the JBHS Class of 1955!

We had 38 clasmates and spouses plus 3 visitors attend our JBHS 55 2010 Vegas Party!! They were: Ron & Sally Geraci, Don & Irene Garner, Fred & Deanna Roth, Rowleen & Denny Grossman, John & Romilda Lovrensky, Earl & Fidelina Williams, Warren & Hazel Ryan, Jim & Jane Peet, Jerry & Trina Carson, Cal & Barbara Roe, Joyce & Dick Lyle Haskitt, Ron & Caren Baffoni, Linda Schofield Baldwin, Ronetta Scott Antcil, Dorene Lloyd Kessinger, Gloria Rubacalva Eisle, Vernon Ross, Bill Biewiner, Duke & Kathi Ducasse, Dan & Sandra Bell, Bonnie & Doug Horton Shaw, Donna & Don Nisbet Hammond.

Epilogue: Yes, some got a lot more pictures in our coverage than others. It is not that we do not love you, it is just that some of these guys are such hams!!! Also the author did use some license when interpreting the incidence behind some of these pictures and will not be held liable for their validity! See you in Vegas again next year!

The JBHS Class of 1955 Tour and Luncheon
Jan 9, 2010
at the
Home of Fred and Deanna Roth

The JBHS Class of 1955 arrived at the home of classmember Fred Roth and his wife, Deanna, about 11 am, where we began our tour in the lower level of their home This is where they keep seven of there collection of restored American sportscars in a museum-like setting.

Fred told us the history of these rare cars. Some had as low of a production number as three, up to their 1955 Chevrolet Corvette, of which 675 were produced. One of the rare sportscars, a 1954 Nash Healey, was originally given to Walt Disney by American Motors. Another was built by the infamous Mad Man Muntz, which happens to be Freds favorite car.

> >

We then proceeded upstairs to the middle floor, where we got to see and hear Fred and Deannas extensive collection of automatic musical instruments. In the living room we saw a 1880 Regina coin operated disk music box, as well as a piano with pipes, and a slot machine that played a tune each time you gave it money.

They have a long hallway off the kitchen where we saw another couple of automated pianos, as well as some of the first juke boxes ever produced. One was called a Gables Automatic Entertainer, built in 1916, which actually puts a new needle into the tone arm every time another record is played. Fred says that this is his favorite piece in the entire collection.

> >

In yet another room we saw a different variety of coin operated piano called a nickelodeon, and an automatic banjo player that was amazing to watch.

> >

We then went up to the third level to a movie theater that Fred and Deanna had built themselves. Fred said it is THX certified. We watched a movie made for high school students in 1952 about dating. It was hilarious how naive we were in those days. Their theater also had more coin operated devices including a Wurlitzer Juke Box, built during the second world war and a large oak, turn of the century, soda fountain which they designed and built themselves.

We then headed back down to the lower level where we had lunch and were treated to lunch and music from a large merry-go-round organ. After lunch, we were shown, in a seperate room, another Wurlitzer juke box, built after the war, situated in a Penny Arcade they have put together. Some of us played the pin balls and bowling games in there.

By around 4 p.m. it was time to head home. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and thanks go to Fred & Deanna for their hospitality.

Fred relaxes to shoot the bull with his high school buddy, Jerry Gaughen, after it was all over. It was a long day!

Those attending were - Peggy & Dave Holmes, Don & Irene Garner, Gerald & Diane Gaughen, Cal & Barb Roe, Denny & Rowleen Grossman, Ron & Sally Geraci, Dorene Lloyd Kessinger, Ronetta Scott Anctil, Gloria Rubalcava, Linda Schofield Baldwin, Karl Grossman, Vernon Ross, Fred & Deanna Roth and Pat Keller Ernest

August 26th at the

BULLHEAD CITY Aug. 13, 14 & 15, 2005

Those that went were:
Grant Shroyer driving Miss Ronetta Scott, Miss Linda Schofield, & Miss Carolyn Muscorella.... (Taken from Driving Miss Daisy)

Ronetta Scott's Condo is in BULLHEAD CITY, AZ. Across the Colorado River is Laughlin. They had so much fun seeing Laughlin, NV --- Oaktman, AZ --- Kingman, AZ --- & Bullhead City, AZ...


OATMAN, AZ...An authentic Western Ghost Town and Mining Camp. Born in 1906 as a tent camp, flourished as a gold mining center, then was stricken a near fatal blow in 1942 when Congress declared that gold mining was no longer essential to the war effort. Miner's BURROS were left behind and were able to survive in the desert to bring back life into Oatman. Now these BURROS roam the country side and greet the visitors. They usually appear in town at lunch time when they know that carrots are available. Visitors have fun feeding these TAME BURROS....

Oatman now receives over 500,000 visitors each year, drawn by its history as a gold mining center which produced over 36 million dollars in gold at 1930 prices.

Just 25 miles Southwest of Kingman, AZ --- 25 miles Southeast of Bullhead, AZ. Oatman is located on historic US Route 66, the trail of the people who migrated in their Model T's from the midwest in the 30's and after the 2nd World War in the 40's from the east.

Many films, commercials, Calendars & Historical Documentaries have been made here.

Only 4 hours from LA... Maybe the Class should meet here next February instead of Las Vegas.



July 23rd at the

June 17th at the

Don Garner - Air show Chino - Sat. 5-21-05

Six classmates had a great time at the show today. Don sold his airplane recently after buying it new 17 yrs. ago. He has about the best hangar location at the airport so we enjoyed a bunch of food in the hanger and could watch the many airplanes do formation fly by's, stunts, a lady walking on a wing and all over an airborne bi-plane. There were vin dozens of vintage WW 2 planes and later models. Even a Russian MiG that was in the Korean War.

Mustangs, P-51's and a large variety of planes in top shape with excellent pilots. This was a day we sure all will remember. Don and Irene must of had about 50 friends stop by and enjoy this show. We were able to park right by his hangar where he had his daughters MH.

I hated to leave and more show tomorrow. Don is so knowledgeable on all types and makes of aircraft so this made it that much more enjoyable with some of the history.

Here are a few pics of today activities. Denny

Dinner Party For Hal Crosthwaite - Apr. 29, 2005.
At the Coral Cafe


May 1st Hillcrest Park Fullerton

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Dinner Party for Barry & Irene Knight.
At the MACARONIE GRILL in Valencia, February 7, 2005.
Dorene Lloyd, Ronetta Scott, Irene & Barry Knight, John Dondanville, Bob Uhl, JoAnne Perry, Rowleen & Denny Grossman,
Jerry Lucas & Karen Fairfield, Carolyn Muscorella & Scott (Maitland)

Dinner Party for Scott and Carolyn (Muscorella) Maitland
January 24, 2005

Dinner Party for Carol & Gene Handy Yannello. December 20, 2004

We had 18 turn out at the Macroni Grill in Simi CA. for a dinner with Carol while she is out from Las Vegas visiting her kids.

Those in attendance, Carol & Gene Handy Yannello, Fred & Deanna Roth, Peggy & David O'Brien Holmes, John & Romilda Lovrensky, Ronetta Scott Antcil, Linda Schofield Baldwin, Jo Anne Perry, Gloria Rubacalva Eisele, Darrell & Dick Illian Hostetler, Bill & Marion Lowther, Denny & Rowleen Grossman.

Dinner Party for Barry & Irene Knight. November 2004

We had these 14 in attendance and are in this group picture. Barry & Irene Knight, Dick & Wendy MacDonald, John & Romilda Lovrensky, Jerry & Karen Lucas, Ronetta Scott, Dorene Lloyd, Barbara Squire, Earl Williams, Denny & Rowleen Grossman

Refugio Beach Campout 9-12-04

A Dinner For Jerry Carson


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Ok, ok a BigBoy at Bob's

Barry Knight came to town
and a group of classmates met him for lunch.

by Dennis Grossman

A few pics with this of Bob Harris and his real clean 56 Chevy. It has a souped up 350 engine, front disk Brakes and some other trick things like power steering.

Bob and Sheila Harris bought their home in Huntington Beach about 1971. They have a 91 HMC Motorhome they want to sell. It is in top shape - they just had it gone thru and detailed. 45,000 miles, 35', 460 Ford Engine, Gear Vendors Over Under Drive, spec. exhaust etc. $35,000 or make offer. They do not use it enough.

Six of us went to dinner at Mario's in Huntington Beach, Patt, Brian, Karen, Jerry, Rowleen and myself. Good time visiting.

I called Kay Van Eps and she had just gotten home from New York. She lives only a few miles away from our camping spot so came over and we had a terrific visit. Kay sure has fond memories of so many of our classmates. She hung around so many and was very active. She was a spoiled single child so had her horse and would go riding in Griffith Park. She would have the horse lay down under a tree and use his head for a pillow and read a book. Her Dad, Geroge, was an accomplished famous gatuarist and also a fine machinist. She has his scale train engine that runs on steam or compressed air - he turned down $50,000 for it in the 60's. Her Dad passed away in 98 and her mother preceeded him by about 23 yrs. Kay in great shape - rode one of our e bikes and so interesting to talk to.

Karen and Jerry driving up to San Franscisco and then over to Carol & Scotts for our June 24th. gathering. I am driving up our motorhome and hopefully Ronetta, Linda, Don & Norma will ride with me. Still room for a couple others. Maybe Doreen if she can afford a little time. She flys everwhere to see more and have more time.

I sure enjoyed several bike rides up and down the coast Fri. and Sat. I went about 10 miles up past Huntington Beach and about 5 miles almost to Long Beach. Great bike trail right on beach - sure saw a lot of younger ones and they look great! Still good to see older ones, than us, enjoying the campfires all up and down the coast, riding bikes, walking, sitting and looking out over ocean and really happy people! It is a great life and you can see it all. Bob Harris said there are more pretty girls from Long Beach to Newport Beach than any place in the world. We will have to put blinders on Jerry Carson Sept. 18 & 19 when we ride this path. Hope some other classmates join Jerry and I for the ride from Burbank to San Diego. You can catch the Santa Ana River bike trail, Boligna bike trail and meet up with us and have a shorter trip. So many people having a great time on Fri. and Sat. - can't wait to visit and people watch tomorrow. Row and I will probably go to Kinko's and plug in this laptop to send this e mail and catch up on a couple days of new e mail.

I can sure see our class having a beach party! What fun that would be! Bob Harris just got together, over at Jack Marshalls in Sun Valley with Dan Cassidy, Terry Arnold, Don Pulford, Nick Gerogino, Ralph Woodhouse, Lenord Cohen, Ted Bregman, Gordon Muhlethaler, Gary Osborn and a few others. Then most of the same group had a BBCue at Cassidy's the next day. We can all have fun like this. We just need to set a time and place.

They have great facilities here at Bolsa Chica and all over Huntington Beach that will accomadate groups - tables, bbcues etc. Even can arrange to get a big room reasonable. Big parking lots for several miles and you can park right next to bike trail and many fire pits only about 60' from your car.

Had a great 25 mile bike ride this morning before we packed up. Ran into some interesting riders and said the San Gabriel river bike trail can be picked up in Azusa or off Huntington Drive. It hits PCH between Seal Beach and Long Beach so I rode part of it this morning. I sure had a time keeping up with 3 - 40 yr. old girls, even with my elec. power. They would ride 18 mph on level and my motor goes 15 mph. so I had to add some pedal power in hi gear to keep up with them. I could beat them on hills though with just the motor.

Never made it to Kinko's as our kids came down with Grandkids so no time and sending this today as just got home.

Dinner Party in April 2004 for Hal Crosthwaite

14 in attendance - Walt Lilly, Don & Norma Boggs, Linda Schofield Baldwin, Dorene Lloyd Kessinger, Karen & Jerry Fairfield Lucas, Bill Biewiener, Mamie Panarisi, Hal Crosthwaite, Ronetta Scott Anctil, Neva Jo Jordan, Grant Schroyer, Denny Grossman

Dinner Party on April 8, 2004, when Gaylyn Stewart came to town.
She brought her mother and granddaughter, Cheyann with her.
They were joined by Don and Norma Boggs, Ronetta Scott, Betty and Jo Anne Perry, Dorene Lloyd Kissenger, Barbara Squires Price, Neva Jo Jordan, Gloria Rubacalva, and Rowleen, Amanda and Denny Grossman.

Dinner at Bob's on March 11 when
Warren and Hazel Ryan were in town.
Warren Ryan, Dorene Ryan Williams, (Warrens sister - Burroughs 59) Hazel Ryan, Jane and Jim Peet, Neva Jo Jordan Dye.

Denny was there with his daughter, son in law, grandsons, grandaughter. Ted and Paddi Bregman were there but ate at different table.

The Burbank / Burroughs Football Game, November, 2003

The planning committee for the Feb. 2004 Las Vegas POW WOW

North of Santa Barbara

Fred Roth Car Show

Class Dinner March 26, 2003

Class Dinner February 26, 2003

Class Picnic August 17, 2002

Class Picnic August 17, 2002 - THE DAY AFTER

Class Picnic August 18, 2001