Burroughs Class of 1955 Pebble Beach Mini Meet

August 17-20, 2006 were the dates of our latest adventure. This mini meet was so mini, it only consisted of Fred Roth, with wife Deanna, and John Lovrensky with his wife, Romilda, along with several other friends from without the Burroughs' class.

Seems Fred & Deanna were invited to show one of their cars at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Carmel. This is the fourth time for Roths and the first time for the Lovrenskys. Pebble Beach Concours is the most prestigious show for antique cars in the world, and it is a true honor just to be invited. The event lasts four days and all had a great time going to many the events held during the week. Automotive related displays along with auction tents were everywhere, a fashion show sponsored by Lexus was held along with numerous receptions each evening which filled our schedule. Deanna and Romilda snuck off to go on a shopping spree at the Gilroy Factory Mall on Saturday to enjoy a "girls day out." The show culminated with the concours on Sunday.

Fred's Hudson Italia was placed in a very difficult class, Post War Custom Coachwork, consisting of nine entries. Such rare cars as a 1948 Saoutchik Cadillac Cabriolet, a 1956 Dual Ghia, a1949 Cadillac Schwartz Town Car accompanied a custom bodied Roll Royce Silver Cloud III and four stunning custom bodied Bentleys were in the class with the 1954 Hudson Italia. Everyone in our group had really worked hard on the Hudson, and much to our amazement, we placed 2nd, with the car only losing to 1954 Bentley R-Type H.J. Mulliner Continental. According to Bentley experts, that car is considered the finest Bentley Continental in the world! Needless to say we were thrilled. This is Fred's second win at Pebble Beach, but this meant the most because of the competition and because the car was restored exclusively by the Roth family.

Fred & Deanna Roth are presented the coveted trophy. Fred feels, a second at Pebble beach is better than best of show at most other shows.

The night before the show, Fred & Deanna enjoyed a $300 a plate dinner-dance that all entrants received gratis

This is the entrance to the show - A beautiful sight!!

Shot of the Pebble beach field

Here is an example of the type of extravagant cars that are in this show. I'm not even sure what it is but will guess a 1921 Hispano-Suiza. Its just beautiful!

Fred gets the once over from the Pebble Beach Judges.

The trophy is so heavy, it takes two old men just to hold it up. Fred & John Loverinsky were just the two old guys to do it

The job is finished and the entire crew relax for one more picture.