What a great time it was for all of us who were lucky enough to live in that magic time. And if you were in high school then it was pure fun! Bobbi socks, pony tails, penny loafers, rock and roll, ducks butts, sideburns, hoola hoops, American Bandstand, Howdy Doody, and a zillion other things come to mind but the thing that stands out is the dancing! Oh how we danced! >

The diners, the blue plate specials, a nickle coke! We could get cheeseburgers for a quarter, luscious milkshakes and real french fries! Yummy!

Hoola hoops swept the nation in a craze! We all tried it and laughed to see our Mom's and Dad's out hoola us all

Turn tables and 45 records, we all had a collection... Each one about a dollar!

You didn't find a drive through restaurant on every corner but there were a few back favorite....... A&W, how about a root beer float! And those sizes...papa beer, mama beer, and don't forget baby beer!

A bottle of Pepsi was a dime! I guess a nickel according to this sign! I'm not quite that old!

Coke came in those cute little bottles, my Mom's favorite!

Really cool cars too! and if you were a boy, had sideburns, and one of these you were really COOL!

Carhops to serve you, some on roller skates... They had to be good!

Double Bubble bubble gum, with little tiny paper cartoons folded up inside each little package of gum. Try reading one of those today without glasses!

Now this is a vacuum cleaner, the only trouble is it took three people to push it.

I remember the gas big brother would check out the prices before he bought his gas, pretty easy to do since the gas stations in our home town all seemed to be in the same block....I remember it being as low as 15 cents a gallon! "Give me a dollars worth," he'd say! he he It was enough for a nights cruisin! And for that buck, they pumped it for you, cleaned your windshield, checked your oil and tires!

The only place I can remember having air conditioning was Woolworths! What a neat dime store that was! My sister and I spent lots of time there checking out everything! At home we cooled off with fans......

I still love those shakes...... but they go right to my hips now! Remember when you could eat all you wanted and never gain an ounce!

The great TV programs we had, I remember our first TV, we were mesmerized! My Mom fell in love with Liberace! We rushed home from school to watch American Bandstand and learn all the newest dances. And who could forget... "Hey kids! What time is it?" "It's Howdy Doody time!" With Clarabell, and Buffalo Bob Smith!

Those days are gone but the memories linger on....

Hey and I can still rock n roll!!