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Carrol Gordon Cluck

The lower middle looks like it might be Burroughs Jr. Hi. The main streets even look like mostly dirt. Not much in Studio Bldgs. or St. Joseph's hospital at this time.


In 1956, my friend Rod Pack had a new black 1956 Chev Bel-Air hardtop with automatic transmission and a 4 barrel. We had been to the drag races in San Fernando, and his car was fast. As I recall 85 MPH. So we decided to go to the drag races way down in Santa Ana. Now in 1956 the freeway ended in some place like Norwalk, and this was going to be a long trip. So we left at about 4 AM. When we crossed the Olive Ave bridge by the Smoke House, I saw a bowling ball laying in the gutter. We made a quick stop, and I grabbed the ball. It was a rental ball taken from the Magnolia Bowling Alley, and was in bad shape. We guessed someone had rolled the ball down Barham Blvd. We continued on our trip and pulled onto a nearly empty Hollywood Freeway. Rod ran his Chev up to 100 MPH, and I decided to throw the ball out the window at 100 MPH. Later in college physics I learned that an object in motion tends to remain in motion. So here we go down the hill into Hollywood, following a bowling ball at 100 MPH. We were so lucky that we were the only traffic in the road. At the bottom of the hill, the freeway turns east, but the ball continued south, over Cahunga Blvd., across a park, and into a stand of palm trees where the ball stopped. We had a good laugh, then realization set in that we were lucky. I have always wondered what the gardener thought when this ball was found.

We continued on to Santa Ana, found the drag strip, won the 1st place trophy, and I have a classic photo of the day at my desk

One evening in about 1954 we found 5 or 6 telephone Yellow Page books laying in the trash. Now what could we do with these? I came up with an idea that turned out spectacular. We tore out all the pages and made a stack about 2 feet high. We then took them to the intersection of Magnolia and Buena Vista. When there was no traffic, we carried this stack of loose pages to the center of the intersection, and set them down. The first car buy peeled of about 5 pages, the next 5 more, and so on. In about 15 minutes the air was full of yellow pages, and we thought we had better go home. The next morning there were yellow pages all over the neighborhood from Clark to Chandler and Keystone to Catalina. I think every yard within this area had a yellow page in the yard.

It was a warm day, probably in 1955, and a fellow classmate and I thought it would be a great day to go to Malabu Beach with our girl friends. Now, some where in this great class of 55 photos is a picture of 3 girls in their best one-piece swim suits. This is typical of what our girls wore for the day. We made it to the beach in his Ford, spread the blanket, took a dip in the Pacific, and returned to the blanket to warm in the sun. We ate a little, had some Coke (soda pop), enjoy the company, and eventually lay back on the blanket for some sun.

For some reason I have never understood, the girls decided to undo their swim suit strap around their necks. Something about avoiding a 'tan' line. Well, more time on the blanket, and one end my buddies girl's strap was laying on the blanket. Somehow, my buddies hand got on top of the loose end. Shortly, she moved, and proceeded to peeled the swim suit down to her waist. We guys thought that was 'cool', but the girls had a fit. He said it was an accident, and she said it was intentional. Only my buddy knows. Later we all made up and had a good laugh.

I have wondered how many time this happened to other guys and girls at the beach. This can not be the first and only time this peeling occurred!!

I'll let my buddy identify himself as he is a member af our class of 55 and might read this story.

Cal Roe

The following pictures are courtesy of Dennis Grossman

NBC Studio
taken in 2002

Donna Duncan's
home on Brighton
taken in 2002

Denny Grossman
and neighborhood kids
taken in 1949

Hardware Store
As it looks in 2002

Tom Jandt's
home on Brighton
taken in 2002

The Grossman home

Verdugo Swim Park

Susan Miller's
taken in 2002

The following pictures are courtesy of

Aerial View of Burbank taken in 1954

Lockheed Airport
Terminal & parking lot

Bob's Restaurant
San Fernando Road

The grand opening of
the California Theater

Hansen Dam

City Hall

Lockheed Airport

Bob's Restaurant
Bob Wian is at the right

Hollywood Freeway

Olive Street

The Lockheed Plant
with camouflage 1942

Robert's Drive Inn
Victory & Olive

Ventura Freeway

Warner Bros.
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