A cowboy ventriloquist was traveling across country. He came over a hill and saw an old Indian Chief setting on his porch in a rocking chair, smoking his pipe.

The cowboy decided to ride down and have a little fun with the Chief.

He pulled up in front of the porch and said "Hello Chief".

The Chief raising his hand answered "How"

"Say Chief does that old dog over there talk?" said the cowboy.
The old chief replied, "Dog no talk"

"Really" said the cowboy turning toward the dog.
"How does this Chief treat you Dog."

The dog answered "Oh the Chief keeps me tied up here in the hot sun all day, with no water and every time he walks by he kicks me"

The Chief looked upset and was surprized when the cowboy then asked if the mule in the correl talked. The Chief shot back "Mule no talk".

"Really" said the cowboy. "So Mule, how does the Chief treat you?"

"Oh" said the mule, "He ties me behind that old plow and beats me to make me pull that plow up and down that field all day in the hot sun"

Again the Chief looked upset and then the cowboy asked, "And tell me Chief what about that sheep you have over there in that pen, does he talk?"

Well" said the Chief, "Maybe sheep talk, but sheep lie!"