An E-mail from Hal Crosthwaite
to Denny Grossman, August 2003 wrote:

Arrived home here in NJ late last night. Spent 2 1/2 days in LA on the way back from australia but had to help Carolyn's daughter move from her present house that she has shared with the 6 other kids the last year to an apartment in Hollywood. I had mentioned about getting together with you and your wife when returning but just ran out of time. Sorry about that.. The dinner of the 18th was fun. It was nice to share some time with you and fellow class mates. (never got to a computer hooked up to the internet during the trip)

The dive boat in the Solomons did a good job at getting us to good diving spots, feeding and keeping us safe. There were 19 guests and 13 boat people on the 120 foot boat. I managed to dive some 42 dives over the 11 days. Probably took some 2500 photos under the water and the boat and on land. Only reviewed a few on the computer at this point. A wonderful trip except for the heavy security at the airports and long airplane rides (a total of 25 hours each way). I am really to go again but not soon. I trust that everything is going well. Take care.

HAL Crosthwaite