This is Correspondence Between
Hal Crosthwaite and Terry Ward
April 2003 wrote:

Thanks for the update. It is very interesting to see that what our classmates have been up to over the last 48 years or so. Everyone seems to have taken a different path of life. I suppose you go fishing alot off the coast (from the photo sent). I was brought up in a fishing and hunting family. My father had a 18 foot boat with a small outboard which we took out in the salt water at times to catch fish as well as fresh water lakes around Southern California. Before that we often got on cattle boats to fish around Catalina Island and the other islands off shore. After moving to Seattle in 1971, we bought a 16 foot waterski for fun in the lakes that sorround Seattle. In the mean time we learned to fish for salmon in Puget Sound and Straits. Bought a 10 horse power outboard motor and rented kicker boats for the day for years. In 1991, we bought a 20 foot with a merc inboard and set it up to fish for salmon. We learned well and caught alot of fish. A two boat garage in Seattle. When we moved to NJ in 1985, we gave the small boat to the two kids in Seattle and bought the big one with us. As it is a chore to get the boat to the shore from where we located, we elected to put it on a local lake (the largest one in NJ) and have been using it as a pleasure boat since. It still works well. I will probably use it this year and get rid of it. Where ever I end of moving too after retiring, I will probably buy another as I love boating and fishing. By the way, what is PARGO? I am familiar with this type fish. Thanks again for the update.

HAL Crosthwaite



A Pargo looks a lot like a Red Snapper. Some are green. We think they are better eating then Red Snapper. To tell the truth, this is the first time I ever caught one. We ended up with 4 nice ones, 2 five foot thresher sharks, some cabrilla and some white fish last Friday.

I leave my boat at Bahia de Los Angeles in the winter and bring it back to Ensenada after the 4th of July. It's a shame because that's when the game fish go off in the bay but I can't take the heat anymore. We do get game fish in Ens. in the summer so I can keep my lines tight!