This is an E-mail from Grant Shroyer
to Carol Muscorella Maitland,


Hi, a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday$ to you and yours also I've been reading the chat line with interest and some chuckles for a couple weeks now and thought I'd like to add a few remarks of my own since I don't believe I can join the chat itself, being on webtv. I've seen a chat spot on which to click, but haven't tried it yet- Anyway, the software may not be compatible. If you have a printer and a way to forward this msg to others, plus the inclination, please do so. Some of the chatters were well known to me. some not, since most are in S55. Gaylyn was the only one from W55 who was in attendance at our 45th, and I remember fondly talking with her and her mother then. What a charming lady was her mom, thanks for bringing her, Gaylyn, I hope she's doing well. How are thin6s in WA these days? I moved to the Phoenix area over a year ago from No. Co. San Diego and have been enjoying getting the new house set up (my 1 st) and taking trips around the state in preparation for serious photographic excursions later this winter and next summer, when I plan to revisit the Canyon, Lake Powell, then over to Santa Fe. NM and up to So. CO including Durango- A cousin used to live there and we all took the narrow gauge up to Silverton. Beautiful trip, but I've never cared to live in the mtns. I prefer warmer weather now, anyway, since being on blood thinner meds, although it does get pretty cool here on the desert during winter. It's a huge contrast to summer highs @ 100 115 for four months solid. I enjoy hearing of everyone's adventures, especially Ron's I guess, as I'd always wanted to spend time in the south seas and learn to scuba. Got a brief chance to snorkel in the clear waters off Jamaica back in the 70's, but never grabbed the chance to follow up. My career also rendered me itinerant for many years, which Was fine since I was single and visited 3 continents. Many of these experiences are absolutely priceless, a fact to which I'm certain many of you can attest. Perhaps later, if you wish, I'll expand on some of the brighter highlights. I too flew for many years with an earlier intent to fly for an airline, but it never happened. I miss that a lot, but no chance now to ever fly solo or PC again. I was thinking of some comments by Sharon and Tev, both of whom I knew but am certain do not remember me. As it turns out, I was quite forgettable, although Alan and Mike Spaul spent some quality time with me a couple years ago in the Valley, Anyway. was your husband an AL pilot, Sharon? \Nhet AL? I know a SW pilot here who, interestingly, flow much of my company's equipment when he Was a Navy pilot. Yes, it can indeed be a small world- In tGt, I have often wondered how many of us have crossed paths over the years without realizing it. Tev might get a chuckle out of this. About 3 years ago I discovered Carl LeVine was living nearby in Carlsbad, I in Vista- We got together at an Oceanside Starburks. whereupon we reminisced awhile and shared experiences, when at one point he announced that, after trying in vain, he just couldn't remember me- I was incredulous, but we laughed about it. So, anyone out there remember me? On that note, I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas and a New Year of continued happiness, health, and adventure. Thanks for all your great and devoted work, Carol and Denny, it means a lot to us all, I'm sure.