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Dan Cassidy to Dennis Grossman, 06/09/01

Its funny you mentioned the pond by the LA River. Bobby Sites who was in a class ahead of us used to live almost next door to the pond which we always referred to as Disney pond because the cold water came from what I was always told was the last rinsing a film received at the studio which was much smaller in those days. Bobby and I used to splash around on many hot August days after riding horses rented down the way from the Pickwick Stables.- The reason I'm mentioning this is that a few years ago my wife Terri and I were guests for dinner at the Silverado winery which is owned by the Disney family, I sat next to the late Walt Disney's daughter, Janet. Janet and her husband Ron Miller who played football at USC and the Rams are the principal owners and operate Silverado. I asked her if she had ever gone swimming at Disney pond. She said no that she had never heard of it. After I told her about it and mentioned that so many of the kids growing up in Burbank had splashed in the old mud hole, she said she wished she had known of it because she was sure her dad would have slipped over there himself for a quick dip. I said he would have enjoyed it because I knew Debbie Reynolds, who was a friend of Bobbies older brother and sister, used to go there before she built a pool at her parents house from the proceeds of her Abba Dabba Honeymoon record. So even in the Napa Valley a Burbank memory helped to get the conversation going and I think helped to get the hostess to open a few more bottles of her very tasty limited reserve Cabernet.