An E-mail from Hal Crosthwaite
to Denny Grossman, March 31, 2004 wrote:

I suppose that 10+ years is pretty darn old. However, I have many friends that are 10+ plus years older then me and they are doing very well. Bill Burden and Geri (good friends of mine at church) are 77 and just got back from a cruise and had a ball. I took him to NYC two weeks ago and helped him buy his first digital camera. He came back last weekend having taken some 250 photos and has been regenerated in a new hobby. They even went on a submarine and took some photos of a wreck at a 100 feet. They go on trips some 6 times a year besides Bill goes mountain biking with me. Maybe not as fast as me but he gets there.

Every Wed. morning I spend 4-5 hours at church working on the buildings and grounds with a group of men ( all older then men) who are all older then me. I happen to be on the electrical team and we fix/repair various lights and outlets and add new stuff to the 7 buildings. The buildings are 110 years old and always need so work and improvements made on them. One of the fellows, a electrical engineer just left the group and moved into a retirement home in another state. He was 88. The point is, one can always be involved to matter what one's age is.

A fairly famous underwater photographer, Stan Waterman, just turned 80 years old and is still giving seminars on underwater photography. That is the way I want to be when I get to that age. Age is a state of mind. I just want to keep trucking, as they say. By the way, the night of the 24th looks good for dinner, as I arrive in LA on the previous evening. Take care of yourself..

HAL Crosthwaite