An E-mail from An E-mail from Don Meyer
to Carol, Feb. 2004

Hi Carolyn,

Terry Ward lived on Niagara, one street behind Fairview where I lived. We used to play together when we were kids. I was a butterfly collector. He used to have passion flowers blooming at his house in the summer, and they would draw the Gulf Fritillary butterflies to them. They were a beautiful butterfly with about a three inch wingspan, mostly orange and black, but when they were sitting with their wings folded up the lower half of the wings were a deep red, and they had pure silver dots all over the red part. They think are the most beautiful butterfly I know. They are scarcer nowadays, and I am sorry now that I ever kept any of them.

Teddy Bregman lived across the street from me and down a ways. I remember when his family got the first TV in our area in about 1948, and we all went down there every night to watch Kukla, Fran, and Ollie - a puppet show on TV. It was some time after the war when we got our first electric refrigerator - before that the ice man brought ice to the house. I remember camping in Sequoia on VJ day - everybody whooped and hollered and threw their hats up in the air with the news that the Japanese had surrendered. I can still remember the joy we all felt. We never put our camping stuff away in the car, and nobody ever would think of stealing anything.

I used to ride my bike 14 miles from Burbank to Hansen Dam in the summer to go fishing all the time when I was 12 years old, and never had a bit of trouble. No mother would ever allow her kid to do that nowadays. There has been a lot of water under the dam. I looked at the list of our class member who have passed on - hard to believe all those vital dynamic people are already gone. My father passed away a few weeks ago at 97 - hard to get used to not being able to visit Mom and Dad any more. We are getting old ourselves. I hit 66 last summer, and I just don't have all the energy I used to. But I am working on getting it all back. Give me another year and I will be as good as new again! May the blessings be. Love, Don